Celestial City: Flustered Frank Reflection

We created the story of “Flustered Frank” in three stages. Firstly after falling short trying to find an appropriate face for Frank we decided to draw him and the other main character associated with the story. I did the sketching unsure of what I would come up with but after drawing only Frank’s head and importing him into photoshop to colour in we knew that was the way to go. To keep consistency throughout the piece we used the same head for all eight of Frank’s images so I drew a different body for each scenario. Laura began to source all the sounds and images for backgrounds and I edited the pictures together. The final eight images I thought looked convincing as a series although some of the editing was a little rough with the black outlining being a bit uneven. Laura put the video together adding in the sounds and voicing the narration. The narration added more life to the piece and helped make the video seem more cynical and Frank more flustered.

We explored different options for the blog. First we set up a tumblr site but it was awkward to navigate and not that simple to use. So I created the blog through WordPress. I created a static front page with only the video so that users would first see that when entering the site. I created another page for users to submit their own stories and another for the published ones. We added a submission form to make it clear on the submission page rather than having users post in the comments. To keep the “Flustered Frank” theme going I used his iconic face as the logo, other characters as instructional pictures and I tried to use the language style that we had developed in the video.
Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 2.04.38 PM Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 2.05.00 PM Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 2.05.16 PM

The main problem with the blog is that new posts are not posting to the “Flustered Stories” page so you have to manually add each one. Other than that I think it ran rather smoothly.

For video works in tandem with our blog rather than a blog being a platform for our video. The whole idea our digital story was not only to tell the tale of “Flustered Frank” but to encourage viewers to submit their own stories. So along with the blog which is where we can gather followers we created a “Flustered Frank” twitter account and #flusteredfrank to try and generate a stir on twitter. To help further promote this we can alsoemploy Facebook but in the meantime we are relying on WordPress and Twitter.

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Gamification 2

Tweetories Playing Card

tweetories game card

QR Tag Link: Celebrity

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Twitter Results

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 1.43.49 PM

To create the game I had to link a series of QR tags to different words. So I used a dictionary website. I played the game with fellow student Clare and it worked well upon scanning our tags and entering twitter. We copied and pasted #alex or #clare and #tweetories to help speed things up with the game. It all went well for the first 3/4 until the internet dropped out. I guess though this is the danger with playing any online game. Clare won the game 9-8.

Storify The History Of The Internet

  1. The internet has such a comfortable place in modern lives where children born in last 15 years do not know anything different. But how to did this happen?
  2. So as the internet moved from a series a data and numbers to something organised enough for an uneducated user to use the formatting and appearance of the web drastically change with thanks to HTML.
  3. With the invention of HTML the Web was able to move from the 1.0 phase of producer to consumer direction of information to something wider.

  4. Assisting the developments of the internet was hypertext which allowed the internet to link pages to one another rather than having to type in separate web addresses.
  5. There are many theories of the web and where it is heading- including that of Lev Manovich
  6. So there you have it. The story of the Internet.

File Sharing

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 12.33.42 PM

The changes that I made are indicated in blue. I have used file sharing before so I found the whole process of the editing a collaborative document fairly easy. It would have been nice to see who edited what aspect of the charter but aside from that it was pretty good. The edits I personally made were the additions of two new points- one about group work and one about understanding. Both points I have found to be relevant in my studies and had not really been covered in the points above. The final edit I made was to the point of letting the lecturer know of any issues that you are having so I added the point about being embarrassed. This is because I have seen people that need extra help but won’t ask for it because they are embarrassed or think that they are undeserving.

Bricks and Lions

Bricks and Lions Cowbird Link

This story is my response to the flipped lectures surrounding creativity and the firewall of China. I took most of the inspiration from the John Cleese video and the China TED talk. I wanted to incorporate the John Cleese’s steps to be creative and also communicate the idea of China being in a controlled online landscape that is beginning to break free.



Want a game where you can play in teams or singles? A game that can even turn into a drinking game or a glorious battle?
Well here is one for you.
Tweetories is a game that uses both Twitter and QR codes. Once the code is scanned and a category is determined teams must get on their phones and start tweeting away their answers. The categories can be anything from sports to celebrities and plants to brands of beer. There is a category for everyone to dominate and become the Tweetories champion.

Marketing Image


Decision Tree and Game Rules


Digital Story Telling Reviews


Goldilocks – the iPhone 4 Mobile Series [Episode 1 – “Meet Locks”] from Majek Pictures on Vimeo.

This digital story was filmed entirely on an iphone yet it manages to feel like a cinematic movie. They mix up the angles of the shots to make use of the smaller camera such as attaching it to the motorbike. There is a quick pace and the montage of murders at the beginning immediately intrigues the audience. There are some issues that are associated with using the iphone, for one it struggles with the light change and also focusing on moving objects. Furthermore there is a slight overuse of music in the beginning and it begins to lose its effect. It works well when it shows the protagonist running as the music changes creating and emphasizing the suspense that runs throughout the piece. The narrative itself is strong not only with the montage but the sequence of the protagonist being kidnapped and her captor telling her secretly that he is going to fake her death leaves the audience wanting to know more and tune in for the next episode.

Sound of My Voice

This digital story is the first 12 minutes of the feature movie Sound of My Voice. The excerpt traces a young couple being embraced by some sort of cultish group. The story is well shot with a raw colour scheme that makes the actors seem exposed and vulnerable. The narrative builds the audience interest by introducing the young couple trying to find a house. Once they find it and are in the garage they creepily sit there are wait for someone to get them. At this point it seems as if the girlfriend is in charge and the boyfriend is not fully invested in what they are doing. This dynamic works nicely in creating tension and unease for the audience as you get some sense of fear from the boyfriend. The narrative progresses to where they are inducted into some sort of cult and a young woman tells her experiences of the past two years. It ends with the cliffhanger when she explains her tattoo number “54” on her ankle and announces that she is from the year 2054. This digital story plays a wider role being a promo for the movie as a whole. The weakness of this clip is that it takes 12 minutes to get to the punch line. For a casual viewer most would stick around and quite possibly be put off by the eerie and slow paced start.

Welcome to Pine Point

This digital story is not just a video but a mix of scrapbooking, layering text, playing with diegetic and non diegetic and archive footage. It tells the story of a Canadian mining town that is no longer there anymore. It communicates wider ideas of community and life. The story begins with the narrator and other voices explaining their first interactions with the town with videos of the town. It explains that the town could not be sustained without the mining. Several characters are introduced including Richard the Bully, brothers Lyle and Wayne and Kim the Diva. Each character is explained with their own pages with a mix of video and images to create a character profile. There are two pages for each character. One to describe what they were like at the time of Pine Point and one for where they are today. In doing so the collaboration of multimedia explains the relationship between where they come from and where they end up. The strength of this digital story is that it broadens the sense of what Pine Point is. It does not rely on video but incorporates all different mediums to create a more meaningful picture. There are no real major weaknesses to this digital story although it is a little difficult to navigate as you don’t know exactly when to change to the next page.

QR Story

photo-3 photo

The stairs were disappearing from below his as feet as he made his way up to the room where his fate would be determined. In his sweaty hand he firmly gripped his papers concentrating hard as to not let them crumple. The first stairwell was easy and he took it two at a time but the third was his downfall.


As he turned the corner and sprinted his way up the final few steps he spotted a few of his friends making their way to the classroom. Distracted, the stairs no longer seemed to be in proportion and instead turned into an unseen wall. He fell in the worst way. The way when you know that you are falling and people are watching you so you try and cover it up causing the fall to be even worse. The papers sprayed from his hands and he went bright red in the face. All his friends could do was laugh.